A Contest Among Heaters – Ceramic Vs. Infrared

I have been considering purchasing a space heater for next winter. My room was extremely cold this past winter and I figure a heater will make my living conditions more comfortable. There are two different space heaters I need to consider before I make my decision. There are ceramic heaters which warm entire areas and infrared space heaters that direct infrared heat to one particular area. My room is pretty small so I’m not sure if one is better over the other.

Depending on your home and needs, one type of heater may be more suitable than the other. To figure out which heater is best for me I’m going to pit the two types against each other, best two out of three wins. I’ve never gone heater shopping before so I’ll use the top six results that come up when I search both heater types in Google.

Round 1 – Appearance
The first thing I notice when I go shopping is how a product looks. I’ll imagine how each heater will compliment or contrast the style of my room. The infrared heaters are wooden and would compliment my wooden floor and furniture. It looks like a classy wooden amp. The ceramic heaters look more like a computer speaker and are not as cool as their opponent.
Winner: Infrared Heater

Round 2 – Space
Next thing I will determine is whether or not I can comfortably fit my potential heater in my small room. Ceramic heaters are smaller and would fit nicely on top of my little bookshelf. Infrared heaters are much bigger but I could probably manage putting it in the corner of my room if I rearrange a few things.
Winner: Ceramic

Round 3 – Price and Durability
Using only my heater samples from Google, the price of ceramic heaters go from $35 to $75, whereas infrared heaters range from $124 to $340. I also have to take into consideration the durability of both heaters. Infrared heaters may be more expensive but they will probably last a lot longer. Although, the heaters look like wooden safes, I’m not willing to spend that much on a heater and can handle lower durability.
Winner: Ceramic

It looks like ceramic heaters are my winner. As much as I would rather have an infrared heater, at this stage of my life a ceramic heater is the better choice for me. I don’t know where I will end up next year and I don’t need a bulky heater to worry about. I just need something small that is relatively cheap and portable to combat the cold coming into my room.

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