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Waynesboro, GA

Schwank is a global family-owned enterprise, we see ourselves as providers of customized energy-efficient heating, cooling solutions for commercial and industrial spaces. We carry an extensive range of climate technology, and offer design and support services, to ensure you receive the comfort, energy savings, and quality you’re looking for. For decades, we’ve invested in development, research, and manufacturing to bring you the very best in gas-fired infrared heaters, high-intensity ceramic burners, air curtains, big ceiling fans, and controls. We manufacture high efficiency heating systems and cooling solutions for industrial buildings and commercial properties across North America. Schwank provides limitless infrared heaters, that are known for their quality, durability and performance. They’re also available in more BTU options and unit lengths than any other brand. Plus, our engineers develop solutions that satisfy the on-site requirements of your project. We concentrate on the highest level of energy efficiency and durability.. Our product portfolio is cutting edge, but we do customer service the old fashioned way. Whether you speak with our customer service team , use one of our complimentary design services, or work with our engineers, you’ll find we’re easy to reach, ready to help, and we know our trade. Take a look at our support services All of our products are designed and built to shine in even the toughest of conditions and deliver extreme energy-efficiency.

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